I’m so excited to share all about my visit to Kuhlman Cellars in Fredericksburg with y’all today.  If you follow me on Instagram, which you do, don’t you? You know that I was hosted by Stonewall Motor Lodge for a few days of winery tours, and even a bourbon tasting! I love traveling Texas and my heart will always belong in the Hill Country, so I think I might have actually screamed out loud a little when I got the invitation 🙂  I got to take a good friend of mine with me, and we had such an incredible time, and I want to give each experience their proper due so I’m breaking these posts up and I’ll share a different experience over the next few weeks.

First up… Kuhlman Cellars

Kuhlman Cellars was our first visit after arriving at the ADORABLY vintage, recently renovated by new owners, kitschy cute Stonewall Motor Lodge 

Seriously, y’all.. how stinkin’ adorable is the Stonewall Motor Lodge! <3 

Stonewall Motor Lodge

Back to Kuhlman Cellars…

Kuhlman feels like visiting family… if your family owns a vineyard in the Texas HiIl Country…  

Kuhlman Cellars water garden

We were greeted by the sweetest, friendliest staff, and we learned that we were there on their FIFTH BIRTHDAY!  So of course, we toasted on their patio overlooking their vineyard just a couple hours shy of sunset.. it was picturesque

happy birthday kuhlman cellars

We walked the vineyards with the most adorable tour guide… y’all know I’m a sucker for a cute dog 

the kuhlman cellars mascot

The tour was broken up into several different sections and we had multiple tour guides, tastings, and we learned SO much, but it felt more like visiting with a super knowledgeable friend than learning from a stranger!


I’m in love with their decor, y’all <3 It’s just so cozy <3 

barrels at kuhlman cellars

A few things we learned about Kuhlman Cellars:


  • Quality, hand-made wines {I can 100 percent attest to the deliciousness of their wines} 

kuhlman cellars rose

  • Working winery and vineyard: they harvested 30 tons of fruit from their own vineyards in addition to the fruit from their grower partners and their wine is made at the estate
  • Intimate, highly-educational tastings and pairings

kuhlman cellars wine tastings

  • A wonderful estate suitable for an afternoon escape to slow down and savor the afternoon, wine, lunch or community
  • Wines and Herbed Almonds {those almonds, y’all} are available on the website

kuhlman cellars almonds and wine


We had SO much fun, y’all!  Sampling, learning, laughing, playing, and of course… taking pictures! 

{who else is obsessed with Katie Rose’s floppy hat?}

kuhlman cellars selfies


You can check out a fun video of our trip here >>>

AND you can use code:  asouthernfairytale to get free shipping of 3 or more bottles of wine from Kuhlman Cellars

If you’re looking for 3 wines to cover your bases for a holiday gift, a holiday party, or a get-together and you don’t know what people prefer, may I suggest…  The 2016 Alluve, The Kuhlmination Estate White, and the 2018 Hensel as a delightful all-encompassing perfect trio, and they even have a special on this trio for Thanksgiving!

kuhlman cellars trio


Thank you to Stonewall Motor Lodge for sponsoring this trip, inviting me, allowing me to bring a friend, and creating such a wonderful experience.  Thank you for supporting  A Southern Fairytale and my love of travel, food, and wine.  I can’t wait to share more about this trip with y’all. 

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