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Rachel is a writer, speaker, recipe developer, photographer, mom, wife, boot-wearer, a fan of spicy foods, chips and salsa, belly-laughs, and hugs. When not in the kitchen, or hanging out with friends and neighbors, Rachel can be found volunteering at her kids’ schools, substitute teaching, getting inspiration for recipes from restaurant menus, farmers markets, and Granny’s recipe cards. The view through her camera lens inspires her to capture and create memories each and every day.

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Rachel is the publisher of A Southern Fairytale, a food blog and journal of her ever after, Southern-style with her Harley ridin’, DIY handy-man husband, and their two 8th generation Texan children.  Since the inception of A Southern Fairytale in 2007, Rachel’s ability to tell stories through words, photos, and food has earned her both a large and loyal online audience and long-term relationships as both Blog Ambassador and Recipe Developer with major food brands including Zatarain’s, Bush’s Beans, Carnival Cruise Lines, Pillsbury, California Avocado Commission, and Minute Maid.  Rachel has been a featured speaker at BlogHer Food, Mom 2.0, BlissDom, Thrive Blog Conference, and Blog Elevated conferences; and has been brought in by companies, local restaurants, and groups to lead photography classes and speak about photography, both DSLR, and with phones, and styling.


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Matthews Family 2020

The Cast of Characters

The Dad, Nathan:  44 years old.  A true blue Texas boy.  My Prince Charming, Noah’s favorite playmate and Liv’s measure to which every man will be held.  He inspires me daily with his passion for serving others, spreading joy, and living life to the fullest.



Rachel and Nathan 2020

The Daughter, Princess aka Liv:  17 years old. She is kind, loving, dramatic, sweet, and dynamic.  She arrived into this world with a ‘Here I Am, The Party May Begin Now’ attitude and hasn’t stopped since.  She comes with a disclaimer: “All thoughts and comments expressed by this child are not necessarily those of the parents” She astonishes, astounds and amazes us daily. She is a blessing, a treasure, and an incredibly wonderful person.  Liv is a competitive cheerleader, an artist, and in love with theater and musicals.  She alternates between wanting to be on stage and being behind the scenes as a costume designer and makeup artist; she now has her sights set on Forensics, Crime Scene Investigator, or Engineer!


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Liv 2020

The Son, Monkey aka Noah: Is lucky to have lived to the ripe old age of  2 3 4 5. 6 7. 8  9. 10 ..11 .  14!! He is an athlete and an explorer, a football player, and a competitive cheerleader.   He is wild, wacky, exuberant, forceful, sweet, mischievous, adorable and precious.  He is a dimpled, freckle-faced angel, complete with tarnished halo and cleverly hides his devilishness behind his devastatingly dimpled smile and twinkling eyes.

 2016 Monkey in San Antonio


Noah 2020


I write about food, family, photography, relationships, parenting, recipes, and cooking.

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Speaking Engagements:

  • Photography Styling for Bloggers speaker at Thrive Conference 2015
  • Mom 2.0 Photography speaker 2015
  • Lights, Props, Actions! Lighting and Prop Styling for Bloggers speaker at Blog Elevated 2013
  • Principles of Storytelling speaker BlogHer Food 13
  • Southern Living Mama Blogger of The Week.
  • Niche Writing Speaker BlissDom 2009
  • Food Blogging Workshop Speaker at BlissDom 2010
  • Food Community Leader at BlissDom 2010 and 2011

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